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The shopping centre in 2008

EK, East Kilbride (previously East Kilbride Shopping Centre) is Scotland's biggest undercover shopping centre

Shopping malls[edit]

EK is made up of six different malls. These were built at different times, with some being complete builds from scratch and others having been streets which were later roofed.

Centre West

Built in 2003, the "Centre West" section is the only area of the shopping centre to be split into two floors, with Debenhams (the largest store) having an additional upper floor. Centre West stands on the ground of what used to be the HMRC 'Centre 1' building.

In 2015, the Olympia shopping mall underwent partial refurbishment involving closure of the food court and the relocation of a number of stores. The refurbishment works included the addition of a gym and a number of new restaurants, the opening of which was planned for some time in 2016.[1][2]

In November 2016, a new leisure development opened at EK, East Kilbride. The new leisure development is known as "The Hub, EK".

Other areas of the centre include The Plaza (development started in 1972), Prince's Mall (1984), Prince's Square (1997) and Southgate (1989).

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