East Peoria School District 86

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East Peoria Elementary School District No. 86
Tazewell County, Illinois
United States
District information
Type Grade school district
Grades K-8
District ID 1713240 [1]
Students and staff
Students 1,742[1]
Other information
Website www.epd86.org

East Peoria District 86 is a 7-school primary school district located in East Peoria, Illinois. It currently[when?] has about 1,800 students. East Peoria District 86 currently has several schools under its administration: Central Junior High School, Armstrong Grade School, Shute Grade School, Lincoln Grade School, Glendale Grade School, Wilson Grade School, and Bolin Grade School.[2]


During late 2009 and beginning 2010 Central Junior High School underwent construction on a new cafeteria, gym, band and chorus room, and teachers' lounge.[3]


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