East Yarra Province

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East Yarra Province
VictoriaLegislative Council
State Victoria
Created 1904
Abolished 2006
Demographic Metropolitan

East Yarra Province was an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council until 2006. It was abolished from the 2006 state election in the wake of the Bracks Labor government's reform of the Legislative Council.

Members for East Yarra Province[edit]

Member 1 Party Term Member 2 Party Term
  James Balfour Unaligned 1904–1913   Edward Miller Unaligned 1904–1913
  James Merritt Non-Labor 1913–1917   Robert Beckett Non-Labor 1913–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1928   William Edgar Nationalist 1917–1931
  George Swinburne Nationalist 1928–1928
  Robert Menzies Nationalist 1928–1929
  Clifden Eager Nationalist 1930–1931
  United Australia 1931–1945   United Australia 1931–1945
  Liberal 1945–1958   Liberal 1945–1948
  Ewen Cameron Liberal 1948–1964
  Dick Hamer Liberal 1958–1971
  Bill Campbell Liberal 1964–1983
  Haddon Storey Liberal 1971–1996
  Mark Birrell Liberal 1983–2002
  David Davis Liberal 1996–2006
  Richard Dalla-Riva Liberal 2002–2006