Easter egger

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An Easter egger hen
A mostly black Easter egger hen
Eggs from an Easter egger compared with a brown one from an ISA Warren from Denmark

In American usage, an Easter egger or Easter-egger is any hybrid or mixed-breed chicken resulting from breeding of a bird carrying the blue-egg (oocyan) gene with one that lays brown eggs. Eggs from such a bird may be any shade of blue or brown,[1]: 175  or occasionally pink or pale yellow.[2] These birds do not constitute a breed, and so are not recognized by the American Poultry Association or the American Bantam Association.[2] They may be marketed as "Americana", but are quite different from the Ameraucana, a recognized breed.[2]


Hybrid birds of this type may be of any color. They are commonly muffed and bearded, often with a pea-comb; the wattles may be small or entirely absent. The legs are often greenish.[1]: 175 


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