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The Eastern Midlands Conference is a high school athletic conference serving suburban and suburban-small town high schools in Eastern Nebraska.


Throughout its history, the EMC, as the conference is usually abbreviated, has only contained schools that compete in Class B Athletics, and Class A or B music, according to NSAA regulations. The formation came from the dissolution of the Twin-Rivers Conference (TRC) in 1979. Four of the schools in the TRC, Nebraska City, Blair, Plattsmouth, and Syracuse decided to form a new, eight-team conference. Platteview decided to leave its conference and join with these schools. Several smaller schools in Eastern Nebraska had just seen influxes in enrollment and had thus become eligible Class B schools. These schools were Elkhorn, Gretna, Norris, and Waverly. Eight of these teams joined in 1980 to form the EMC, Syracuse High School being pushed out of the conference. In 2011, Elkhorn School District founded a new school, Elkhorn South High School, which became the ninth member of the EMC. Most recently, Platteview High School, perhaps due to a decrease in school enrollment, decided to leave the EMC and join the Capitol Conference, which includes Syracuse. Bennington of the Capitol Conference left their conference at the same time, and joined the EMC.

Membership Timeline[edit]

Member Original TRC Member Capitol Conference Other Conference