Neighbourhoods in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

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The city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada contains a significant number of named residential neighbourhoods, including Bayview, Broadview Gardens, Brookfield, Buckley, Carpin Beach, Cedar Heights, East Korah, Eastside, Fort Creek, Grandview Gardens, Korah, Manitou Park, McQueen, Meadow Park, Nokomis Beach, Odena, The P Patch, Pointe aux Pins, Pointe des Chênes, Pointe Louise and Steelton.


The area which is included in Bayview is the square of city blocks made by Wallace Terrace, Goetz Street, Bonney Street, Glasgow Avenue, and the south end of Goulais Avenue.

Broadview Gardens[edit]

Broadview Gardens is a residential neighbourhood bounded by Chippewa St. to the north, Second Line W. to the south, Goulais Ave. to the east and Allen's Side Road to the west.

Cedar Heights[edit]

Cedar Heights is bounded by Third Line East to the north, Second Line East to the south, Black Rd. to the east and Great Northern Rd to the west. The area contains Bianchi Estates, a middle class subdivision, which continues to expand with new home construction.


Eastside is bounded by Trunk Rd. to the north, Chambers Ave. to the south, Boundary Rd. to the west, and Dacey Rd. to the east. The neighbourhood, like other lower eastern neighbourhoods, below the hill, was developed in the 1950s.

Catholic elementary schools in the area include (from west to east) St. Marks, Holy Cross, St. Mary's French Immersion, and St. Hubert. There are many public elementary schools in the area including Eastview, Grandview, Pinewood, and Parkland. Both Catholic High Schools in the city are located centrally in the city and students are bused from east and west. The Public High School in the east end is White Pines C&VS.

Fort Creek[edit]

Fort Creek is an established residential neighbourhood in the north end of the city. Approximate boundaries are Westridge Rd to the north, Second Line East to the south, Sackville Rd. to the east and Fort Creek to the west. The area contains homes built in the 1960s and 1970s as well as modest expansions in the 2000s. The Fort Creek neighbourhood is surrounded by generous greenspace appreciated by local residents.


Grand area is a collection of streets beginning with "Grand" or starting with the letter G all connected to Grand Boulevard. It is a middle-class neighbourhood bordered by St Georges Avenue East and Northern Avenue East. The streets in this area include Grand, Grandview, Grandriver, Granite, Grandy, Grangemill, Grandhaven and Grandmont. St. Basil's Secondary School is located directly across from the end of Grand Boulevard on St. Georges Avenue East and Northern Heights Elementary School is located on Grand Boulevard.

Grandview Gardens[edit]

Grandview Gardens is a residential neighbourhood located at the eastern end of the city. The approximate boundaries are Chambers Ave. to the north, Queen St. east to the south, Dacey Rd. to the east and Boundary Rd. to the west.

Meadow Park[edit]

The approximate boundaries of Meadow Park are Trunk Rd. to the north, St. Mary's River to the south, Boundary Rd. to the east and Pine St. to the west.

Much of the area was established in the 1950s with some newer homes located south of Wellington St E. The area contains The Sault Ste Marie Country Club, evident by street names such as Caddy Ave. and Country Club Place which surround the course. The area surrounding the golf course and near St. Mary's River contains larger executive homes.

The P Patch[edit]

The approximate boundaries of this neighbourhood are Northern Ave. to the north, McNabb Street to the south, Pine St. to the west and Black Road to the east. The area includes forested greenspace and tobogganing hills.

Once officially named Cambrian Heights, it attained its more representative title as the neighbourhood grew and local residents noticed a peculiar phenomenon - all of the streets began with the letter P. The P Patch's west end contains established homes from the 60s and 70s, some of which are rented by students attending the nearby Sault College. The east end is primarily composed of newer single-detached houses.

Street names in the neighbourhood include Princess, Paladin, Pentagon, Plummer, Pleasant, Pageant, Primrose, Panoramic, Plaintree, Partridge, Paradise, Promenade, Peacock, Pinemore, Princeton, Palace, Placid, Parkview, Pelican, Peach, Pine and Pawating (although it is a private lane, bears no street sign and appears only on maps). Today, just one street deviates from the suburban naming rule: Lake Street, which expanded into the neighbourhood from the south.

Pointe des Chênes[edit]

Pointe des Chênes (French for "Point of the Oaks" or "Oak Point") is a waterfront area in the western end of the city, near the Sault Ste. Marie Airport. Named for the beach of the same name that opens onto Lake Superior, Pointe des Chênes contains waterfront homes on country roads and much undeveloped space.

A recent development proposal [1] would see a significant wetland on Lake Superior's shore be removed.


Steelton was originally its own community developed about 100 years ago for local steel workers and remains a working-class neighbourhood. Its close proximity to Essar Steel Algoma and the downtown core, as well as a desire for suburban living and the ease of modern transportation has prevented its redevelopment.