Ebbw River

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Ebbw River at Tredegar Park

The Ebbw River (Welsh: Afon Ebwy) is a river in South Wales.

The main Ebbw River is formed by the confluence of the two minor Ebbw rivers, Ebbw Fach, (with its main tributary Tyleri River) and Ebbw Fawr (the latter of which gives its name to Ebbw Vale).

The tributary Sirhowy River joins at Crosskeys, then the river continues flowing south east, through the town of Risca, then through the western suburbs of Newport, alongside Tredegar Park.

The Ebbw then in turn joins with the River Usk, before flowing into the Severn Estuary.

In common with the nearby Sirhowy River and Rhymney River the correct name for the river is "Ebbw River", not the more usual "River Ebbw".

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Coordinates: 51°33′N 2°59′W / 51.550°N 2.983°W / 51.550; -2.983