Echo (1997 film)

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Directed by Charles Correll
Produced by Janet Faust Krusi
Donald Kushner
Peter Locke
Written by Peter Steinfeld
Starring Jack Wagner, Alexandra Paul
Music by John Scott
Cinematography John S. Bartley
Edited by Jerrold L. Ludwig
Distributed by American Broadcasting Company
Release date
  • January 5, 1997 (1997-01-05)
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Echo is a 1997 film directed by Charles Correll made for TV starring Jack Wagner and Alexandra Paul. The film was also known as Deadly Echo in Canada and the United Kingdom.


Identical twins, Max and Steven Jordan (Jack Wagner), were separated in their youth by a car accident that killed their parents. One goes on to live a successful life with caring foster parents, but the other one leads a life of despair, and feels that he has been denied the life that he was entitled to. He plots revenge against his unsuspecting brother.

The vengeful twin soon gets involved in his brother's idyllic life and begins to manipulate events. In a plot twist, he eventually succeeds by manipulating his brother's wife to kill her legitimate husband, believing him to be the imposter twin. At the end of the film Olivia Jordan (Alexandra Paul) is seen to be pregnant with the second twins child; being unaware of her mistake.

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