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Ecolibrium is a Sims-style game for the PS Vita with an environmental message.[1][2] The game offers you the chance to 'play scientist' and is reportedly enjoyable but hindered by the restrictions of the free-to-play format.[2][3]


The game puts you in control of a virtual ecosystem and requires that you grow and care for your flora and fauna to achieve a perfect equilibrium. You manipulate four variables - Water, Minerals, Vegetation, and Meat - in order to create a balanced ecosystem. You gain and spend 'ecopoints' and also tackle a series of multi-stage challenges.[2]

Predatory creatures (like the Tyap and Hebabuu) prey on the tier directly below them. If there are not any creatures directly below their tier they will eat other but not be very adaptable. Adaptability is a value which fill up and when it is full there will be an alpha creature in the group. There are also four seasons: Primum, Veranus, Autumnus, and Hibernus.


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