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Eddie and Ernie were an American soul music duo in the 1960s, comprising Eddie Campbell (born William Edgar Campbell, 23 December 1940, Marion County, Texas – died 10 July 1994, Los Angeles) and Ernie Johnson Jnr. (22 October 1943, Grimes County, Texas – 20 August 2005, Phoenix, Arizona)

They sang in gospel groups before working as backing vocalists from the early-1960s. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they made their first recordings as a duo (initially as Ernie & Eddie) in 1963, also making solo recordings. Although they recorded for several labels, some quite large such as Columbia, Chess, and Buddah, they never had any significant chart success, their biggest R&B hit being "Time Waits For No One" on Eastern records in 1965. In 1971, they both joined a local group, Phoenix Express.

Their recordings later became popular with aficionados such as Dave Godin, on whose Deep Soul compilations several of their tracks appear. A compilation CD was released on Ace Records (UK) in 2002. (Musically, they are often compared to Sam & Dave).



  • "You Need Love"/"Tell Her For Me" (as Ernie Johnson) (Asnes 104)


  • "Who Stole My Girl"/"You Better Watch Your Step" (as Little Worley & The Drops) (Ramco 3710)


  • "Who's Been Knocking On My Door"/"It's A Weak Man That Cries" (Nightingale 5102 & Checker 1057)
  • "Found a Love, Where It's At"/"Self Service" (as The New Bloods) (Madley 101 & 20th Century Fox 554)
  • "Time Waits For No One"/"That's The Way It Is" (Tomorrow 5105 & Eastern 602 & in 1964, Checker 1086)


  • "I'm A Young Man"/"Turn Here" (Eastern 603)
  • "I'm Goin' For Myself"/"The Cat" (Eastern 606)
  • "Outcast"/"I'm Gonna Always Love You" (Eastern 608)


  • "I Can't Do It (I Just Can't Leave You)"/"Lost Friends" (Eastern 609)
  • "I Believe She Will"/"We Try Harder" (Shazam 1004 & Chess 1984)


  • "A Beautiful World"/"Indication" (Loadstone ????)


  • "Doggone It"/"Falling Tears" (Indian Drums) (Columbia 4-44276)
  • "The Groove She Put Me In"/"Indication" (Columbia unissued)
  • "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do"/"Contagious Love" (as Eddie Campbell) (Artco 103)
  • "I Can't Stop The Pain"/"In These Very Tender Moments" (as Ernie Johnson) (Artco 104)
  • "Woman, What Do You Be Doing"/"Thanks For Yesterday" (Revue 11049)
  • "You Give Me Love To Go"/"Tell It Like It Is" (Revue 11063)


  • "Hiding In Shadows"/"Standing At The Crossroads" (Buddah BDA-250)