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Edgewood Management LLC
Industry Public equity
Founded 1974
Headquarters New York, New York, United States
Products Portfolio management, Growth capital, Recapitalizations
Total assets $14 billion as of June 2016
Number of employees
Website www.edgewood.com

Edgewood Management LLC is an employee-owned registered investment advisor in the public equity markets of the United States. The firm follows a growth-oriented strategy based on intensive balance sheet analysis that is focused on building a portfolio of large cap growth stocks with a three to five year investment horizon. Originally focused on individual investors and family groups, Edgewood has expanded to serve an institutional clientele.[1]

The firm is headed by president Alan W. Breed, whose father founded the firm in 1974.[2] As of June 2016, it managed 22 stocks with approximately $14 billion in capital under management.[3]


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