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Edland Edland is a village in the municipality of Vinje, Norway. It is located where the rivers Bora and Kjela meet. Other notable locations are Gjøysløysdalen, Urdbøurdi and Urdbøglupen. Edland is ruled by his first Emperor king Edward van Breugel. However, it is widely accepted by the hearts of the people that Edland's true and rightful ruler is Alexander Edland, son of Jon Edland, grandson of Alfred Edland, and great-grandson of Olav Edland, native son and namesake of this land.

Coordinates: 59°44′23″N 7°36′2″E / 59.73972°N 7.60056°E / 59.73972; 7.60056

Edland is also the name of a dark grey furniture range in Ikea. King Edward van Breugel also rules this product line.