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1820 map of the Edmonton Hundred by Greenwood based on the boundaries stated in the Doomsday Book of 1086.

The Edmonton Hundred Historical Society is a historical society devoted to the study of the area covered by the Edmonton Hundred (a hundred being an ancient division of a county).[1] The society is a registered charity No. 299073.[2] David Pam, FRHS, was the president until his death in 2014.[3]

Selected publications[edit]

The society has published over 60 works in its "occasional papers" series as well as numerous other works.

  • Avery, D. Heinous and Grievous Offences. ISBN 0902922521
  • Avery, D. Madam Susanna Avery, Her Book. Capels Manor, Enfield, its Occupants, Garden and Kitchen 1688. ISBN 0902922548
  • Avery, D. Saxon Enfield: The Place-Name Evidence and Scholars and Pluralists: Three Tudor Vicars in Enfield. ISBN 0902922556
  • Avery, D. The Medieval Merchant-Gentry of Edmonton Hundred. ISBN 0902922564
  • Burnby, J.G.L. & A.E. Robinson. And they Blew Exceeding Fine. ISBN 0902922254
  • Burnby, J.G.L. & A.E. Robinson. Guns and Gunpowder in Enfield. ISBN 0902922475
  • Burnby, J.G.L. & A.E. Robinson. Now Turned Into Fair Garden Plots. ISBN 0902922416
  • Burnby, J.G.L. Drovers and Tanners of Enfield and Edmonton. ISBN 0902922483
  • Burnby, J.G.L. Elizabethan Times in Tottenham, Edmonton and Enfield. ISBN 0902922572
  • Collicott, S. Enfield School Board. ISBN 0902922440
  • Dalling, G. David Waddington and the Great Pew Controversy. ISBN 0902922335
  • Dalling, G. Southgate and Edmonton Street Names. ISBN 0902922491
  • Doree, S. Domesday Book and the Origins of Edmonton Hundred. ISBN 0902922459
  • Gough, T.W. War-time Letters from the Tottenham Home Front. ISBN 0902922513
  • Graham, M. Chase Farm Schools. ISBN 0902922211
  • Hawkes, H.G. Some Reflections on Education in Tottenham. ISBN 0902922505
  • Hawkes, H.G. The Reynardsons and their Almshouses. ISBN 0902922378
  • Hoare, E. Work of the Edmonton Vestry, 1739-43. ISBN 0902922084
  • Keeble, P. & R. Musgrove. Who was Heinrich Faulenbach? ISBN 0902922653
  • McIllven, R. The Edmonton Local Board of Health. ISBN 0902922157
  • Mott, R. A Southgate Boyhood. and B. M. Griffiths Williams. Highfield House, c.1818-1952. ISBN 0902922610
  • Musgrove, R. (Ed.) When the Gas Man Came to Call. (Memories of Reginald Chase) ISBN 9780902922679
  • Pam, D. A Woodland Hamlet - Winchmore Hill. ISBN 0902922629
  • Pam, D. Edmonton Ancient Village to Working Class Suburb. ISBN 0902922645
  • Pam, C. Edmonton in the Early Twenties. The Garden City Estate. The Battle of the Flags. ISBN 090292253X
  • Pam, D. Enfield Town - Village Green to Shopping Precinct. ISBN 9780902922662
  • Pam, D. The Hungry Years. Survival in Edmonton and Enfield before 1400. ISBN 0902922386
  • Phillips, P.L. Upon My Word I am No Scholar. ISBN 0902922408
  • Robinson, J. The History of Tottenham Grammar School. ISBN 0902922351
  • Tottenham Revisited. ISBN 0902922637


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