Edmund Trowbridge Dana

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Edmund Trowbridge Dana (29 August 1818, in Cambridge, Massachusetts – 18 May 1869, in Cambridge, Massachusetts) was a United States jurist and a nephew of Judge Edmund Trowbridge.


Dana family plot in Old Burying Ground, Cambridge, Ma.

He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1839, and at Cambridge Law School in 1841. Subsequently he practised in partnership with his brother, Richard Henry Dana, Jr., in Boston for several years, when failing health compelled him to reside in Europe, where he continued his studies, devoting special attention to Roman civil law, and to history and philosophy in their bearings upon law.

In 1854 he received the degree of J.U.D. from the University of Heidelberg, and returned to the United States two years later. He wrote occasionally for periodicals, and attempted the translation of the works of Von Mohl and other German jurists.