Edna Shavit

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Edna Shavit
Born (1935-04-25)April 25, 1935
Died 14 June 2015(2015-06-14) (aged 80)
Resting place Givat Brenner

Edna Shavit (Hebrew: עדנה שביט‎‎. April 25, 1935 – 14 June 2015) was a professor in the Theatre department in the University of Tel Aviv, and Ha'Levi theatre prize winner for the year 2006, for her life's work in the theatre and university.[1]

Among her many activities, she was the director of You and Me and the Next War,[2] a satirical cabaret by Hanoch Levin with songs set to music by Alex Kagan and Beni Nagari.


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