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Eduard Drach (Ukrainian: Едуард Драч) born 1965 in Kryvyi Rih, in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union – in present-day Ukraine) is а prominent and influential composer, singer-songwriter, kobzar and bandurist. He is an active member in the Kiev Kobzar Guild. The author of numerous songs in a variety of styles, Drach is noted in particular for his original psalms in Ukrainian historical folk style.[1][2][3][4][5]

Drach was educated as a physician,[6] but gave this profession up in favor of music. His first instrument was the violin. He went on to become a prize-winner at numerous festivals, in particular: the 1989 Chervona Ruta Festival.

An accomplished musician, his music styles include: modern ballade & romance, traditional folk-music, folk-rock, folk-jazz, folk avant-garde etc.He is proficient in guitar: 6, 7, 12 str. (Mainly, 12 str), violin, keyboards, bass, mandolin, banjo, kobza, traditional bandura, husli, lira (hurdy-gurdy).[7] Several of his songs were adapted for lute or torban by Roman Turovsky.[8]


1992 Winner of International Festival of Author's Song "Bili Vitryla"

1991 All Ukrainian Festival of Author's Song "Oberih", winner of The First Winning Award

1989 All Ukrainian Festival Chervona Ruta, Chernivtsi (1-st Winning Award in song poetry)

1988 Ukrainian Republican Festival of Author's Song in Kiev (?-st award).

Winner of Ukrainian Republican TV-Radio festival "New Names"

1987 Festival of Author's Song of Ukraine and Moldavia, Kharkiv

1983 Diploma of All soviet jazz-festival “Jazz on Dneper-river” (in a staff of Ranok group, Dnipropetrovsk)


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  • "Songs of The Orange Revolution".
  • "Tales of Lirnyk Sashko"
  • Kiev Kobzar Guild CD - "The One who Firmly Relies Upon God"
  • “Nebo Ukrainy”, CD-“Same Tak”
  • "The Songs Of The Land of The Cossaks" - 1995 Zen Records & Nerve TM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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