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Eduardo Navarro
Portrait Eduardo Navarro.jpg
Beca Kuitca, Program for the Visual Arts C.C.R.R., Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
EducationProgram for the Visual Arts C.C.R.R., Argentina

Eduardo Navarro (born 1979 in Buenos Aires) is a contemporary Argentinian artist. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2002, he has worked in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, collage, performance and installation.


Eduardo Navarro inserts himself in legal, spiritual, scientific, medical, archaeological environments and draws on a series of discussions and exchanges within these groups and in their context. In a video he created for the Americas Society exhibition, "From Confrontation to Intimacy," in 2007 at the Americas Society in New York, he 'infiltrated' a group of New Age Street performers.[1]

Navarro's projects are wide in range. At the launch of a five-month pedagogical program in concert with the 9th Bienal do Mercosul, Eduardo Navarro sent a telepathic message from his home in Buenos Aires to those willing to receive it whom had attended a lecture on curiosity at the Bienal.[2][3]

Poema Volcanico. Eduardo Navarro.


Navarro studied from 2003–2005 with artist Guillermo Kuitca in the Program for the Visual Arts C.C.R.R. in Argentina, where he lives and works. In 2006, he studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and received a UBS Art Scholarship/Individual grant Program for emerging artists.

Horses Don't Lie. Eduardo Navarro.


  • Ir para Volver, 12th Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador, (2014).[4][5]
  • Weather Permitting, 9th Mercosur Biennial, Brazil (2013).[6]
  • Memory Park, Buenos Aires, Brazil. 2013.[7]
  • Performance: Horses Don't Lie. 9th Mercosur Biennial, Brazil (2013).[8]
  • Aquella mañana…Parque de la Memoria Buenos Aires Argentina, (2013).[9]
  • "Estudio Jurídico Mercosur III (Mercosur Law Studio III)." AES+F and Eduardo Navarro. Faena Arts Center, (2013).[10]
  • There is always a cup of sea to sail in, 29th São Paulo Biennial, Brazil (2010).[11]
  • Screaming and Hearing, 7th Mercosur Biennial, Brazil, (2009).
  • OPEN e v + a 2009. "Reading the City." March–May 2009. Limerick City, Ireland.[12]
  • Do Not Feed. Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York, (2008).[13]
  • The Great Transformation-Kunst und Takitsche Magie, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany, (2008).[14][15]
  • "Fabricantes Unidos (Manufactured States)". Daniel Abate Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2008.[16]
  • From Confrontation to Intimacy, Americas Society, USA (2007).[17][18]
  • The Pod Show, Blanton Museum-Art Palace, US (2006).
  • Civilizacion y Barbarie MAC Santiago de Chile (2005).
4-Orbita. Eduardo Navarro


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