Education for disabled people in China

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According to the latest[when?] census, there are 82.96 million disabled people in China, which accounts for 6.34% of the overall population.[1] There are various problems relating to the living conditions of individuals with disability in China. Proper education plays a crucial role in solving such problems.

Current Situation[edit]

One of the biggest problems China faces related to disabled people is the education problem. Comparing with the large number of disabled population, there are quite few educational institutions for them. Up to 2008, there are only 1640 schools and institutions specifically for disabled people; and there are only 46 thousand teaching staffs in total.

Education for disabled schooling age children new.jpg

As the graph above indicates,[2] only about 60% to 70% of the 6–14 years old school-aged children can receive proper education. For disabled people 15 years old and above, there are even larger differences in education level between disabled and non disabled people. Most of the disabled people have very low education level. Only 25% of them have gone to high schools or higher educational institutions.[3]

Comparison education level for disabled people and normal peopel new.jpg

Another issue directly related to education is the employment rate. As some of the researchers report, more than 10% of the disabled people do not have adequate food and clothing; about 40% have very low income; and only 25% are employed on a full-time basis. Among those who are employed, 96.6% are manual workers, only 3.4% are mental workers. The main reason behind is more than clear, not well-educated disabled people can only take those manual works. Furthermore, employment status will directly affect peoples’ income. Families that do not have a disabled person will tend to have 23.26% higher family income than families with at least one disabled person.[4]

There is a lot China could do to improve in the education related to disabled people.