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Edward Storey (born 28 February 1930) was an English writer.[1] He was born at Whittlesey, which was then part of the Isle of Ely in Cambridgeshire, and the Fens inspired much of his work.[1]

Before becoming a full-time writer in the late 1960s, he worked in adult education for the Peterborough City Education Authority. His first volume of poetry (North Bank Night) was published in 1969 in the Phoenix Living Poets series.[1][2] In Fen Boy First (1992) he gave an account of his childhood growing up in Whittlesey, and in Fen Country Christmas (1995) he collected a number of stories, legends and fenland superstitions.[1] In one of his earlier works Portrait of the Fen Country (1971) he reflected upon his childhood understanding of the world as it was shaped by his fenland experience.

He moved to Wales in 2007.[1]For many years he was President of The Friends of St Michael's, the church next to his home in Discoed; the Friends association fundraises for the restoration of the building and for other causes through arts events. New poetry collections, inspired by the local border country and other sources, were written for the Friends of St Michael's under a self-publishing imprint.

Edward Storey died at his home in Discoed early on the morning of Sunday 18 November, 2018.

Edward Storey's poems and libretti have been set to music by Trevor Hold, Adrian Williams, David Twigg, Cecilia MacDowell, Trevor Jones and others,leading to performances and/or recordings. Recent CD recordings of musical settings of Edward's poems are 'Pure Music' featuring Voller String Quartet and mezzo-soprano Zarah Hible, and 'Spirit Songs' featuring soprano Louise Wayman accompanied by pianist Sarah Gard. The music on these recording is by Trevor Jones.

'A deeply meditative poet who sees in nature a mirror for the human condition and sensibility.. these are beautifully crafted poems that exist because they have to..' THE POETRY QUARTERLY REVIEW

'..You won't find a poet who can quite do what Storey does...' ENVOI

'effortless in its voice, language and poetic form, and in its relationship with the reader... never slight nor dependent on conventional sentiment, but marked by grace or gravitas..' AMBIT


  • Call it a Summer Country (1978)
  • Portrait of the Fen Country (1971)
  • The Winter Fens (1993)
  • Four Seasons in Three Countries
  • North Bank Night (1969, 2nd Imp 1970) Chatto & Windus (Poetry)
  • A Man in Winter (1972) Chatto & Windus (Poetry)
  • The Dark Music [1979] (Poetry)
  • A Slant of Light (Poetry)
  • Fen Boy First (1992)
  • A Fen Country Christmas (1995)
  • Fen, Fire and Flood: Scenes from Fenland History (1986)
  • Letters from the Fens (1998)
  • Last Train to Ely [Poetry] (1995)
  • In Fen Country Heaven (1996)
  • A Right to Song: The Life of John Clare
  • The Solitary Landscape (1975)
  • Spirit of the Fens (1985)
  • A Change in the Climate [Poetry](1998)
  • Missing the Point [Poetry] (2004)
  • Border Music:: [Poetry] (2006)


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