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Titles in the "Portrait of" series

The Portrait of books is a series of topographical works describing the cities, counties, and regions of Britain and some of the regions of France. The series was published by Robert Hale from the late 1960s to the early 1980s and is part of a genre of topographical books in which Robert Hale specialised.[1]

Its immediate predecessors were the County Books and Regional Books series while the Regions of Britain series was published contemporaneously in the 1970s. There was also a Villages series. A number of the Portrait series were republished in new editions titled "The Illustrated Portrait of...".

Described variously as neither literature,[2] a history, or a guide book, the works attempted to sum-up the atmosphere of their area, and "the lives of its people, past and present".[3]

List of titles[edit]

This is an incomplete list of titles. Each title was prefixed with the words "Portrait of".

  • Aberdeen and Deeside, with Aberdeenshire, Banff and Kincardine by Cuthbert Graham (1972) ISBN 0709132794
  • Argyll and Southern Hebrides by David Graham-Campbell (1978) ISBN 0709167466
  • Avon by John Haddon (1981) ISBN 0709183615
  • Bath by John Haddon (1982) ISBN 0709198833
  • Bedfordshire by David H. Kennett (1978) ISBN 0709172249
  • The Border Country by Nigel Tranter (1972) ISBN 0709131402 (Revised 1987 as The Illustrated Portrait of the Border Country)
  • Brecon Beacons and Surrounding Areas by Edmund. J. Mason (1975) ISBN 0709147104
  • Bristol by Keith Brace (1971) ISBN 0709124058 (2nd edition 1976)
  • Broadland by Stanley Arthur Manning (1980) ISBN 0709181310
  • Buckinghamshire by John Camp (1972) ISBN 0709132328
  • Burns Country and Galloway &c. by Hugh Douglas (1968)
  • Cambridge by Charles Richard Benstead (1968)
  • Cambridgeshire by Stanley Arthur Manning
  • Canterbury by John Boyle
  • The Channel Islands by Raoul Lempriere
  • Cheshire by David Bethel
  • Chester by David Bethel
  • The Clyde by Jack House
  • Cornwall by Claude Berry
  • The Cotswolds by Edith Brill
  • Coventry by E. B. Newbold
  • Moray Firth by Cuthbert Graham (1977) ISBN 0709160186
  • Wiltshire by Pamela Street (1971) (2nd edition 1980)[3]
  • Wye Valley by Harry Lutf Verne Fletcher (1968)[2]

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