Edwin G. Waite

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Edwin G. Waite
16th California Secretary of State
In office
Preceded by William C. Hendricks
Succeeded by Albert Hart
California State Assemblyman
In office
Constituency Assembly District 16
District Attorney
In office
Personal details
Died 1894-10-30
Political party Whig
Know Nothing
Spouse(s) Julia Eliza Stone
Children Julia, Mary, Effie, Edith

Edwin G. Waite (died 30 October 1894) was a politician, newspaper man, author, and goldminer. He was a member of California's 16th State Assembly district, Alameda, California from 1855 until 1856. In 1891, he became Secretary of State of California, and died in office in 1894.[1] He belonged to the Whig, Know Nothing, Union, and Republican parties during his political career.[2]

While living in Nevada County, California,[3] Waite was a newspaperman associated with the Nevada Daily Transcript of Nevada City, California.[4] He also was coauthor of The Discovery of Gold in California, which included, in the section titled 'Pioneer Mining', a reprint of Waite's recollections about his experiences in the 1849–1851 gold diggings period.[5]

He married Julia Eliza Stone (born March 17, 1839)[6] on May 13, 1856 and they had four daughters:[7]

  • Julia Bertha Waite
  • Mary Agnes Waite
  • Effie Genevieve Waite
  • Edith Alice Waite

Waite is interred in the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery in Sacramento, California.[8]

Partial bibliography[edit]

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Political offices
Preceded by
California AD
Succeeded by
Preceded by
California State Assemblyman, 16th District
Succeeded by
Preceded by
William C. Hendricks
Secretary of State of California
Succeeded by
Albert Hart