Edwin Henry Boddington

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Edwin Henry Boddington
Landscape, Sunset

Edwin Henry Boddington (1836-1905?) was an English landscape painter during the Victorian era, and a member of the Williams family of painters.

He was the son of the well-known landscape painter Henry John Boddington, and he learned to paint from his father. Boddington exhibited at the Royal Academy (11 works), the British Institution (25 works), and Suffolk Street (45 works).[1] He painted mainly views on the Thames River that are illuminated either by sunset or moonlight. Most of his river scenes are painted in very dark greens and browns, and many resemble some of the earlier works of his father.[2]

He is thought to have died about 1905, possibly in Australia where his sons Percy Reginald Boddington (1866-1936) and Henry Frederick Boddington (1870-1940) had emigrated.[3] Examples of his work hang in the Glasgow Museum, Rotherham Museum, Reading Town Hall and the Ealing Central Library.[4]


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