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Enefit Kaevandused AS
state owned
Industry Mining
Founded 1945
Headquarters Jõhvi, Estonia
Area served
North–east Estonia
Key people
Ahti Puur (CEO)
Products Oil-shale
Number of employees
3,150 (2009)
Parent Eesti Energia
Website www.energia.ee/en/organisatsioon/kaevandused

Enefit Kaevandused (former names: Eesti Põlevkivi and Eesti Energia Kaevandused) is a mining company located in Jõhvi, Estonia. It is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, an Estonian state-owned energy company. The core activity of Enefit Kaevandused is oil-shale mining. The produced oil shale is mainly used to fuel oil shale-fired power stations in the north–east of Estonia.[1] The company has 3,150 employees.[2] The chief executive officer is Veljo Aleksandrov.

Enefit Kaevandused were established in June 1945 as Eesti Põlevkivi, also known by its name in Russian Estonslanets. It was created by merging Kukruse and Käva II mines. In 1946, it took over Viivikonna mine.[3]

In 1999, Government of Estonia handed 51% of shares of Eesti Põlevkivi to Narva Elektrijaamad.[4] In 2003, Government transferred remained 49% stake in Eesti Põlevkivi to Eesti Energia. Also Narva Elektrijaamad-owned 51% stake was transferred to Eesti Energia and Eesti Põlevkivi became a fully owned subsidiary of Eesti Energia.[5]

Enefit Kaevandused has following subsidiaries:

  • Estonia Underground Mine - oil-shale mining
  • Narva Open-Cast - oil-shale mining
  • AS Põlevkivi Raudtee - rail transportation
  • Orica Eesti OÜ (35% of shares) - production of explosives


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