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Ehron VonAllen
Ehron VonAllen in concert Phoenix, Arizona 2006.jpg
concert shot of Ehron VonAllen live. Phoenix, Arizona
Background information
Birth name Aaron Christopher Allen
Born (1980-09-27) September 27, 1980 (age 36)
Pocahontas, Arkansas
Genres Electronica
Alternative Rock
Occupation(s) Musician, vocalist, songwriter, record producer
Instruments Vocals, Synthesizer, Drum Programming
Years active 1998–present
Labels Hydrology, Mute, Alfa Matrix
Website Official Site
Ehron VonAllen database
Notable instruments
Minimoog Voyager, Korg Karma , Nord Lead 3

Ehron VonAllen (pronounced Aaron Von Allen) is an American singer in the Pop Electronic genre, music producer, recording artist & remixer currently based in Hollywood, California. Born Aaron Christopher Allen, VonAllen began music in a small town of 4,000 in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. VonAllen's first run in with music was a concert video by Depeche Mode entitled 101. After graduating from high school, he moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue a music career instead of university or military, which were both seriously considered. While living in Texas, he played shows in the popular music district of Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas.

Ehron VonAllen is well known in the electronic/synth pop European scene and has enjoyed a career of working with some of the biggest acts of the genre as well. His music is accessible to fans of many different genres due to the fact each of his albums tends to be different from the previous ones. Most are based around a concept which dictates the style of the music, lyrics and artwork. It is widely known to his fan base that he is heavily influenced by his musical idol, Depeche Mode producer & synth player Alan Wilder currently of the project Recoil (band). In 2010, he collaborated with Wilder remixing the track "Jezebel" for Recoil released through Mute Records as a downloadable e.p. entitled "Want" in support of the Recoil tour "A Strange Hour".

He is also heavily influenced by David Bowie.

His instrument of choice is the synthesizer but his main forte' is in song writing, sound design, music production and editing. As quite an achievement for an independent, on September 11, 2013 he reached the 50,000 download mark for songs being purchased from all music sources on the internet since 2003, when the downloads began being tracked. Every format of his music including CD has been marketed by his own record label and media company Hydrology Records.

He is currently finishing his new album "I Am Electrovert" collaborating alongside producer and frontman of the multi-platinum selling band Orgy, who has production credits with Linkin Park, Korn, Crazy Town & many others.

Release history[edit]

Incarnation, album, 2004[edit]

In 2004, his career as "Ehron VonAllen" officially began when recorded his debut album, Incarnation. The producer for the album, Jamison Weddle with production credits for DMX & Neils Lofgren. During this time, VonAllen had the honor of getting a sound in the Minimoog Voyager synthesizer named after him called "Bass For E. VonAllen", thanks to the New Age recording artist and professional sound designer Zon Vern Pyles. A quote from Electronic Musician magazine concerning the sound "Of all the bass Presets, In the Pocket and Bass for E.Vonallen are my favorites; both are definite blasts from the past, and certainly the most authentic Moog basses I've ever heard (because that's exactly what they are!). After this, he had dinner with Bob Moog in Nashville, not long before he died, fulfilling a long time wish of wanting to meet him, considering Ehron's passion for synthesizers. Pop star CeCe Peniston was originally going to be the guest female vocalist but due to label conflicts, R&B vocalist Morgan Hinton appeared on the songs "Insecure Armies" and "Countless Contradictions" in her place. Released on his own label Hydrology Records, a two disc version of the album containing re-inventions of the original songs and art layout by the photographer John Hall was manufactured. The album received mostly positive reviews; most notably in the world famous Keyboard Magazine by editor and book author Mark Vail calling the album "ingeniously constructed". The double album topped the sales charts at Virgin Megastores for several straight months, even reaching #1 in its first two weeks of release beating out many major label artists including Christina Auguleira and David Bowie.

Your Only Friend, album, 2005[edit]

Main article: Your Only Friend

God's Grandchild, album, summer 2007[edit]

His third album, God’s Grandchild, was set for a winter 2006 release date, but was delayed due to manufacturing conflicts. On July 7, 2007, the album was finally released. The album included two cover songs, "Prayers For Rain" by The Cure and "Sunday" by David Bowie. The album received mixed reviews due to its departure from his previous material. The original CD was discontinued in 2009 and was replaced in 2012 by a 2-disc Special Edition version with the songs being reproduced and mixed, which also included never before released songs, remixes and interviews.

The Sin of Nature, album, fall 2007[edit]

Because of God’s Grandchild delayed release, his fourth album The Sin Of Nature was released almost immediately after on September 4, 2007. This album proved to be his most unusual and ambitious album yet which was said to be an album made for himself and did not consider time constraints or worrying whether or not the songs had a hook in them. The CD has extremely heavy dark and religious overtones. While the CD is filed in record stores as "New Age" or "Christian", the release was officially labeled "Electronic".

That album's single titled "Sin of Nature - (Wumpscut Version)" remixed by Rudy Ratzinger of the controversial electro band Wumpscut. An a cappella version of the title track was included on this as well.

see Controversy & Personal Life section on more pertaining to this album

The Perfect Lie, album, 2008-TBA[edit]

The Perfect Lie began production on August 6, 2008 and was rescheduled several times each year between 2009-2012. VonAllen began the production himself but six months later, Roman Marisak of the band Professional Murder Music took over as Producer. Marisak's vision for the album draws along the lines of a more numetal feel Ehron VonAllen album while still maintaining his unique pop electronic style. The production of the album moved to PMM Studios in Los Angeles in 2011. The album will have several guest vocalists including Morgan Hinton (who has worked on 2 previous albums of his) & Daniel Myer of Haujobb, Covenant and Architect fame. There will also be remixes available by Leaether Strip, Alien Skin and Incarnation's producer Jamison Weddle. Production on this album is officially on hold.

When Music Meant Something, single, 2008[edit]

A Digital Download EP called "When Music Meant Something" was released in order to cut down the length of time per release due to the delays of making The Perfect Lie. The single contained a cover of "Nothing's Impossible" by Depeche Mode, another track called "Ode To Nitzer Ebb" which contained a few small samples of their previous work and an a cappella version of the title track.

I Am Electrovert, album, 2013 - TBA[edit]

New production began for an album titled "I Am Electrovert". This album involves production by Ehron VonAllen and Producer Jay Gordon, lead singer of the Platinum selling band Orgy. The album will contain all new material including remixes by prominent electronic groups including Haujobb, Orgy & Kant Kino. VonAllen recently finished filming his the music video for the first single off the album entitled "Electrovert".



Year Album Additional information
2004 Incarnation 12 page booklet & Remix disc
2005 Your Only Friend out of print
2007 / re-released 2012 God's Grandchild 2 disc special edition
2007 The Sin Of Nature released September 4, 2007
2008 The Perfect Lie progress unknown
2013 I Am Electrovert In Progress

Singles and EPs[edit]

Year Song B-Sides & Info Album source
2003 Incarnation Radio Edits out of print Incarnation
2006 Don't Worry Anymore E.P. out of print God's Grandchild
2009 Sin Of Nature / Wumpscut Version E.P. 7 song EP with remixes The Sin Of Nature
2009 When Music Meant Something E.P. 8 song EP with remixes & orig. tracks none

Other work[edit]

Year Project Details
2007 IAMX - Nightlife "Nightlife" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2008 Wumpscut - Cut To See How Much I Bleed "Cut To See" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2009 Alien Skin - Burning In My Hands / single "Burning In My Hands" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2009 Depeche Mode - Peace "Peace" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2009 Oral Silence - Just Trust Me / single "Just Trust Me" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2010 Architect - The Shadow Of Eve / single "The Shadow Of Eve" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2010 Professional Murder Music - All Comes Down / single "All Comes Down" Remix (Ehron VonAllen version)
2010 DMX - Who We Be "Who We Be" (Ehron VonAllen's Industrial Mix)
2010 Leæther Strip - My Shadow Is Your Home / album track "My Shadow Is Your Home" (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
2010 Recoil - Jezebel "Jezebel" (Prophet Motive Mix)
2010 Recoil - Jezebel / single "Jezebel" (Seductress Mix)
2010 Real Life - Send Me An Angel / single "Send Me An Angel" (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
2011 Klutæ - We Are Nothing / album track "We Are Nothing" (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
2011 Leæther Strip - Reunited With My Bitterness / album track "Reunited With My Bitterness" (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
2011 Brian Vassallo - Memoirs Of A Lifetime / single "Memoirs Of A Lifetime" (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
2013 Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us "They Don't Care About Us" (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
2013 Haujobb - Letting The Demon's Sleep "Letting The Demon's Sleep" (Ehron VonAllen's Electro Dubstep Mix)
2015 Dante's Inferno - Musical Theatre Composer, Producer, script writing credits. Based on poem

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