Eighth Federal Electoral District of Chiapas

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District Chis-VIII shaded blue

The Eighth Federal Electoral District of Chiapas (VIII Distrito Electoral Federal de Chiapas) is one of the 300 Electoral Districts into which Mexico is divided for the purpose of elections to the federal Chamber of Deputies and one of 12 such districts in the state of Chiapas.

It elects one deputy to the lower house of Congress for each three-year legislative period, by means of the first past the post system.

District territory[edit]

The Eighth District of Chiapas covers eight municipalities near the Guatemalan border: Bella Vista, Chicomuselo, Comitán de Domínguez, Frontera Comalapa, La Independencia, La Trinitaria, Socoltenango and Tzimol.[1]

The district's head town (cabecera distrital), where results from individual polling stations are gathered together and collated, is the city of Comitán.

Previous districting schemes[edit]

1996–2005 district[edit]

Between 1996 and 2005, the Eighth District had a slightly different configuration. Still in the same broad region and centred on Comitán, it covered the following municipalities:

The Eighth District of Chiapas was created in 1977. Prior to that year, Chiapas only had six federal electoral districts. The Eighth District elected its first deputy, to the 51st Congress, in 1979.

Deputies returned to Congress from this district[edit]

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