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Eiksmarka Shopping Center
The Lysaker River marks the border between Eiksmarka and the Oslo West End borough of Røa
Eiksmarka Tennis Courts
Country Norway
Region Østlandet
County Akershus
Time zone CET (UTC+01:00)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+02:00)

Eiksmarka is a suburb of the Norwegian municipality of Bærum with around 4,000 inhabitants. It is located just west of the border of Oslo municipality, but within the contiguous urban area as well as within the Diocese of Oslo. It is served by Eiksmarka station of the Oslo Metro as well as bus lines. The area consists almost exclusively of private villas.

Eiksmarka borders the borough of Jar to the south, and belongs to the eastern part of Bærum, commonly regarded as the priciest and most fashionable residential area of Norway. A narrow green belt (ca. 100–200 meter) with the Lysaker River separates Eiksmarka from the Oslo West End borough of Røa on the eastern side of the river. Eiksmarka's northwestern border is also the border of the urban area; the area to the north of Eiksmarka and Røa consists of golf courses, fields and forests.

Eiksmarka is known for good golfing, tennis and horse riding, and for its many green areas. The population are among the most affluent and most highly educated in the country. From 2008 to 2011, Eiksmarka had the only Norwegian restaurant outside Oslo with one star in the Michelin Guide.[1] The only gallop racecourse in Norway, Øvrevoll Galloppbane, is located between Eiksmarka and Jar.

The name Eiksmarka means Oakfield. As of 2014, properties are typically sold for between 1 and 3 million USD, with some villas being sold for as much as 5 million USD.[2]

The travel time between Eiksmarka and Nationaltheatret in the central city district of Oslo is 16 minutes with the Oslo Metro line.


Coordinates: 59°56′48″N 10°37′20″E / 59.94667°N 10.62222°E / 59.94667; 10.62222