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Hebrew transcription(s)
 • official Elot
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Eilot is located in Southern Negev region of Israel
Coordinates: 29°34′53.03″N 34°57′46.8″E / 29.5813972°N 34.963000°E / 29.5813972; 34.963000Coordinates: 29°34′53.03″N 34°57′46.8″E / 29.5813972°N 34.963000°E / 29.5813972; 34.963000
District Southern
Council Hevel Eilot
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 1963
Population (2017)[1] 322
Website www.eilot-tourism.co.il
Sunrise Club Hotel, Eilot

Eilot (Hebrew: אֵילוֹת‬) is the southernmost kibbutz in Israel. It is located in the Aravah valley, near the border with Jordan. Eilot is less than a kilometer north of Eilat, and just over 3 kilometers north of the Red Sea. It falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Eilot Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 322.[1]


The kibbutz was established in 1963 and named for a verse in the I Kings 9:26: "And King Solomon made a navy of ships in Ezion-Geber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom." (9:26). The Eloth mentioned in the verse is likely close to the present-day location of Kibbutz Eilot.

It is noted for its date orchard, though vegetables, other fruits, fishing and tourism are a major industries.


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