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Ekpeye people are one of the Igbo subgroups in what is called Rivers state , Nigeria . They live in Ahoada which is an Ekpeye city in Rivers state . They speak Ekpeye language which is a dialect of Igboland.


They Ekpeye people migrated from Anioma in Delta state . Egbema in Imo state . They also migrated from Igbanke an Igbo community in Edo state . The Ekpeye people lived in the Orashi river for a long time . Later , The Benin Kingdom influenced the Ekpeye people and dominated Ekpeye people. They forced Ekpeye people to be like Benin people not Igbos. They adopted a prince from Benin called Akalaka.


The Ekpeye people speak Ekpeye language. Which is a dialect of Igbo people



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