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Rock tombs at El Hawawish

El Hawawish (Arabic: الحواويش‎‎) is the name given to the site of the ancient necropolis (cemetery) for the city of Akhmim in the Sohag Governorate, Egypt.

The cemetery was excavated extensively by an Australian archaeological and epigraphic expedition under the auspices of the Australian Centre for Egyptology and Macquarie University and the direction of Professor Naguib Kanawati.

Coordinates: 26°36′N 31°49′E / 26.600°N 31.817°E / 26.600; 31.817



Similar to nearby Akhmim, the local deity of El Hawawish was the fertility and productivity god Min.

Tombs of the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period are located in the El Hawawish mountain.[1]


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