El Salamuni

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El Salamuni
El Salamuni is located in Egypt
El Salamuni
El Salamuni
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 26°22′12″N 31°38′24″E / 26.37000°N 31.64000°E / 26.37000; 31.64000
Country  Egypt
Governorate Sohag
Time zone EST (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

El Salamuni is a village in the Upper Egyptian Sohag Governorate. It is located northeast of the city of Akhmim.


El Salamuni comprises a rock-cut chapel dedicated to the god Min. The edifice was created by the first priest of Min, Nakhtmin. About 1,000 later, the chief priest of Min, Harma'kheru, added depictions of Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

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Coordinates: 26°22′N 31°38′E / 26.37°N 31.64°E / 26.37; 31.64