El Ausente

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This article is about Argentinean film. For political leader known as El Ausente, see José Antonio Primo de Rivera. For other uses of El Ausente, see Ausente.
El Ausente image =
Directed by Rafael Filipelli
Produced by Rafael Filipelli
Written by Rafael Filipelli
Starring Verónica Castro
Music by Jorge Candia
Cinematography Andrés Silvart
Edited by Diego Gutierrez
Release date
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

El Ausente (English language:The Absentee) is a 1989 Argentine film directed and written by Rafael Filipelli. The film starred Verónica Castro, Daniel Greco and Ana María Mazza


Raúl Salas is the general secretary of a major union in Córdoba, Argentina.


Release and acclaim[edit]

The film premiered in 1989.

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