El Chorrillo

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El Chorrillo
Location of El Chorrillo
Country Panama
 • Land0.6 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 • Total18,302
 • Density29,363.1/km2 (76,050/sq mi)
 Population density calculated based on land area.
Time zoneUTC−5 (EST)

El Chorrillo is a corregimiento within Panama City, in Panamá District, Panamá Province, Panama with a population of 18,302 as of 2010.[1]


It was founded April 29, 1915, and was originally populated by immigrants working on the construction of the Panama Canal; many were from the Antilles. The impoverished area is the hometown of Manuel Noriega and was heavily damaged during the United States invasion of Panama in 1989.[2] Other former residents of note include boxer Roberto Durán[3] and poet Hector Miguel Collado.

Its population as of 1990 was 20,488; its population as of 2000 was 22,632.[1]


El Chorillo is the only district in Panama with two first-division clubs - Chorrillo F.C. and Plaza Amador - in the Liga Panameña de Fútbol.


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Coordinates: 8°56′58″N 79°32′44″W / 8.9494°N 79.5456°W / 8.9494; -79.5456