El Intruso (1999 film)

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El Intruso
Directed by Guillermo Álvarez
Produced by Guillermo Álvarez
Written by Guillermo Álvarez
Starring Guillermo Álvarez
Luz Ángela Bermúdez
Germán Torres
Cinematography Pedro Salamanca
Edited by Guillermo Álvarez
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Country Colombia
Language Spanish

El Intruso is a 1999 Colombian film that was produced, written, directed by, and starred Guillermo Álvarez. The plot revolves around a couple who move to a small village, and are then investigated after the discovery of the body of the woman's lover.


  • Luz Ángela Bermúdez - Lucila
  • Germán Torres Rey - Rumaldo
  • Guillermo Álvarez - Inspector


Bogotá Film Festival (1999)

  • Honorable Mention for Guillermo Álvarez
  • Nominated for the Golden Precolumbian Circle Best Colombian Film

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