El Mark

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El Mark
EP by Glassjaw
Released 2005
Genre Post-hardcore
Alternative rock
Experimental rock
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Ross Robinson
Glassjaw chronology
Worship and Tribute
El Mark EP
Our Color Green (The Singles)

El Mark is a B-side EP recording released by the band Glassjaw in 2005 exclusively on iTunes. It consists of two previously released UK B-Sides (from the Cosmopolitan Bloodloss single) and a new previously unreleased track, entitled Oxycodone. The track "The Number No Good Things Come Of" features Daryl Palumbo as the only Glassjaw member, Ross Robinson plays piano and Shannon Larkin is on drums. It is also the last Glassjaw release to feature Todd Weinstock.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "El Mark" 3:38
2. "The Number No Good Things Can Come Of" 5:04
3. "Oxycodone" 5:44

Writing credits[edit]