El Moudjahid

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El Moudjahid
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Algerian Government
Founded 1962; 53 years ago (1962)
Headquarters Algiers, Algeria
Website http://www.elmoudjahid.com/

El Moudjahid is an Algerian French-language newspaper.[1]

History and profile[edit]

El Moudjahid was originally conceived as an FLN guerrilla information bulletin during the 1954-62 Algerian War, circulated among resistance fighters. Its name, a French transliteration of the Arabic مجاهد (Mujahid) means "holy warrior", a name used by the FLN to refer to its soldiers.

After the war, it became the main newspaper of Algeria in 1962,[1] acting as a propaganda organ for the single-party FLN government. When Algeria opened up its closed system in 1988 and allowed for the publication of independent newspapers, El Moujahid stayed in publication. Today it is a state newspaper, but its ties with the FLN were cut as the party was jolted out of power with the 1991 elections.

It is published daily, except Fridays, which in Algeria is the holiday. The paper is headquartered on the Algiers seafront, near the parliament and central bank.

Award-winning journalist Omar Belhouchet worked at El Moudjahid early in his career before leaving with nineteen colleagues in 1990 to found the independent El Watan.[2]

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