El Peral lift

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El Peral lift
Ascensor El Peral
J28 245 Ascensor El Peral.jpg
LocationValparaíso, Chile
Length55 m
Height39 m
Completion date1902

The ascensor El Peral (El Peral lift) is a funicular located between two characteristic urban centers of Valparaíso, Chile, Plaza de la Justicia (Justice Square)[1], a quiet place in Valparaiso’s downtown and Paseo Yugoslavo (Yugoslav Walk)[2] that offers a sightseeing balcony towards the bay and the mountains.[3]

Access turnstiles are found in an alley inside a building, Augusto Geiger’s work. The upper station reaches Paseo Yugoslavo where the pedestrian is welcomed in the routes of Valparaiso hills. Furthermore, This is a place to stop and behold the city and to visit the Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Valparaíso (Fine Arts Museum). The top arrival station is really transparent allowing the visitors to see the functioning machinery. This funicular was the first one that used a steam traction equipment with a chimney that became the main feature. When it was first opened, El Peral was the most advanced funicular due to its structural aspect and particularly for the surrounding outstanding complementary buildings and adjacent constructions.[4][5]

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