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El Questro Gorge waterfall

El Questro Wilderness Park is a privately owned Wilderness park that was previously a cattle station located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The park is located 110 kilometres (68 mi) West of Kununurra and can be accessed by the Gibb River Road.

The park encompasses an area of over 1,000,000 acres (4,047 km2) that extends some 80 kilometres (50 mi) into the heart of the Kimberley.[1]

The station was first established in 1903.[2] The English aristocrat, Will Burrell, bought the cattle station in 1991 and developed into a wilderness park tourist destination.[3] The park still runs 8,000 head of cattle on the property.

There are 3 resorts in El Questro: Emma Gorge (offering safari cabins)Located At , The Station (bungalows and camping) Located At and The Homestead (luxury rooms and suites)Located At - all operated by Delaware North.

In 2011, a planned burn got out of control on El Questro injuring five people who were competing in an ultramarathon. James Salerno, Michael Bass of El Questro, the Western Australia Police and Tony Stevenson of FESA were conducting the burn.

In 2012 the leasee is GPT Funds Management Pty Ltd, El Questro is operating under the Crown Lease number CL207-1984 and has the Land Act number LA3114/1180.

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