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SUR or Sur or El Sur (Spanish "the South") may refer to:



  • Sur (poet), a 14th-century blind Bhakti saint, poet and musician
  • Sur Dynasty, Afghan family which ruled northern India between 1540 and c. 1555
  • Sur (Pashtun tribe), a Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Print media[edit]

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  • Sur, a chapter in Sindhi music and poetry
  • Svara (स्वर), sometimes spelled sur, the seven notes of the Indian musical scale
  • "Sur" (tango), well known tango song composed by Homero Manzi and Aníbal Troilo
  • Sur, a 1987 album by Uruguayan singer Jaime Roos

Other uses[edit]

  • SS Sur, a Panamanian coaster in service 1955–65
  • Sur offering, a burnt offering in Tibetan Buddhism
  • Sur SC, a sports club based in Sur, Oman

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