El chevrolé

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El chevrolé
Directed by Leonardo Ricagni
Produced by Pablo Behrens
Written by Leonardo Ricagni
Pato López
Nestor Piñón
Starring Jorge Esmoris
Rubén Rada
Leo Maslíah
Hugo Fattoruso
Pastora Vega
Pipo Cipolatti
Tabaré Rivero
Augusto Mazzarelli
Petru Valenski
Music by Mario Grigorov
Cinematography Horacio Maira
Edited by F. Guariniello
F. Rossi
Release date
Running time
94 min
Country Uruguay
Language Spanish

El chevrolé is a 1999 Uruguayan film.[1]

General information[edit]

Its plot is based on the novel El regreso del gran Tuleque by Mauricio Rosencof.[1]

The film is named based on the mispronounced name of an authentic Chevrolet car, transformed into a peddler car, which appears on the main scenes.[1]

A very important musical feature are the tamboriles. Other meaningful music tunes heard in the soundtrack are from El Peyote Asesino, La Abuela Coca, Plátano Macho, and Hot Jam Band.[1]

The postproduction of the sound was performed at Twickenham Film Studios, which gave the film an unparallelled sound quality as compared with other Uruguayan films.

The film was nominated for best screenplay at the Argentina Film Critics Association Awards. In addition it won for best original score, by Mario Grigorov, at the Hamptons International Film Festival. [2]



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