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In Greek mythology, Elara (/ˈɛlərə/ EL-ər-ə; Ancient Greek: Ελάρα) or Elare, also called Larissa[1], was a mortal princess, the daughter of King Orchomenus and mother of the giant Tityos by Zeus. In some accounts, she was the described as the daughter of Minyas instead.[2][3]


Zeus fell in love with Elara and hid her from his wife Hera's jealous rage by placing her deep beneath the Earth. This was where she gave birth to Tityos, a giant who is sometimes said to be the son of Gaia, the Earth goddess, for the reason being an earth-born (γηγενής gigenis "native") and brought up under the earth. It is further added that Elara died in labour because of the enormous size of her baby.[4][5]

The cave through which Tityos was believed to have come to the surface of Earth was located on Euboea and referred to as Elarion.[6]


One moon of Jupiter is named Elara.[7]


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