Elbe–Havel Canal

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Course of the Elbe-Havel Canal

The Elbe–Havel Canal is a 56-kilometre-long waterway in Germany. It links Magdeburg, on the River Elbe, with Brandenburg on the River Havel.[1]

Since 2003, the Elbe–Havel Canal has been connected to the Mittelland Canal by the unique Magdeburg Water Bridge, which crosses above the River Elbe. The Mittelland Canal provides a connection to the west of Germany. To the east, the River Havel connects to the Oder-Havel Canal, and the Elbe–Havel Canal thus forms part of a continuous waterway from the west to Berlin and Poland.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 52°23′33″N 012°22′55″E / 52.39250°N 12.38194°E / 52.39250; 12.38194