Electrona risso

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Electrona risso
Electrona risso.jpg
Scientific classification
E. risso
Binomial name
Electrona risso
(Cocco, 1829)

Electrona rissoi

Electrona risso is a species of myctophiform ray-finned fish in the family Myctophidae, the lanternfishes. It is known commonly as the electric lantern fish, chubby flashlight fish,[1] and Risso's lantern-fish.[2] It is a widespread species of all the oceans.[3]

The male reaches a maximum length of about 8.2 centimeters. It becomes sexually mature at about 5.9 centimeters.[3]

This species is epipelagic to mesopelagic, living at depths of 90 to 820 meters, swimming at shallower depths during daylight hours.[3] Its main food items are copepods.[4]


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