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The electronic receipt or e-receipt is an electronic Receipt of any product or service that was purchased.


Digital receipts are normally sent via e-mail or via an app. Unlike paper receipts, e-receipts are used to reduce paper usage. These e-receipts are used to inform the customer of rebates and discounts. Another important purpose is to use the digital receipts as marketing instrument.[1] Another reason for the use of e-receipts is Business Intelligence. Through the usage of these e-receipts, companies can track their customers easier in terms of purchases, which supports the Business intelligence. Through this companies can adapt their marketing campaign towards the customers. The e-receipt helps to connect customers to their in-store purchases. Merchants can issue E-receipts using own mechanisms or use external services specialized on electronic payments. One of such providers is Square Inc. Ecoslips.com provides an integrated solution to retailers, payment providers and EFTPOS platforms to send digital receipts to consumer cell phones. They've come up with a unique architecture to automate electronic receipts receipts without the need to share any personal information or credit card tokens. Other companies are specialized in E-receipt aggregation allowing a consumer to see all E-receipts, in one place, for example WalletWizz Inc.

Possible ways of distributing the email receipts may be to send an e-mail, an app, a website/web app or a BLE transmit on mobile. The general idea of the e-receipt remains the same, there are only different ways of distribution. There are many different companies that already offer their customers e-receipts. In the following part these different companies and technologies are compared and their pros and cons are discussed.


Name Most important feature App? Email? Customer facing in-store Social media connection Feedback on store Promotional activities Loyalty program cooperation
Need Receipt A website providing customers with the ability to create professional receipts that match the quality, appearance, and elements of a receipt provided from just about every industry. No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Counect CUBE - Receipt to Digital Receipt Device Plug & Play device to collect the signal of a receipt printer, parse and structure the receipt data to digital format. Used by AliPay, WeChat Pay, China UnionPay and etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EcoSlips Digitisation Service Integrates seamlessly with any large scale back-end system and can be implemented in a couple of weeks. Also includes an MTN - App of the year award winning mobile application. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Savings Catcher (Walmart) Checks your purchases with competitors to see if you got the lowest price Yes No Not given Not given No Not given No
ecrebo Real-time delivery of digital receipts from any POS. The platform can be deployed via a light-touch application and running in weeks without any need for costly integration. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ereceipts Links the purchases with the customers via email, app or website No Yes Not given Not given Yes Yes Yes
Digital receipt Exchange (dRx) Retrieve and manage receipts, warranties and expenses seamlessly without scanning a single piece of paper Yes No Not given Yes No Yes No
Proximiant Combines the receipts with coupons and sales from the stores Yes No Not given Yes Yes Yes Yes
flexReceipts Changes the paper receipts into an active customer engagement channel Yes No Not given Yes Yes Yes Yes
yReceipts Our application is non-intrusive, requires no change to your existing hardware or EPOS solution and can be remotely deployed - also across EPOS systems and markets. Yes No Not given Yes Yes Not given Not given
NCR Offers a complete solution for retailers which is easy to roll-out No Yes Not given Not given Not given Yes, if customized Yes
Findity A unique notification service which allows direct communications between merchants and customers Yes No Not given Not given Not given Not given Not given
Proactis PROACTIS invoice receipt and data capture solutions can dramatically reduce the time, cost, and potential for error involved in your organisation’s handling of incoming invoices. Yes No not given Not given Not given Not given Not given
Transaction Tree TransactionTree, Inc. is the leading provider of electronic-receipt solutions for the retail industry as well as other transaction-oriented enterprises. No Yes Yes Not given Not given Yes Yes
ID24 This digital receipt solution combines in store customer facing hardware via a 2nd display to collect the customers information and feed directly into a digital receipt. It also has the added benefit of the digital receipt software running on the retailers POS as an alternative to remove the need for more hardware in store. No Yes Yes Yes Yes Not given Not given
Kwick Receipts Kwick Receipts seamlessly link digital receipts to electronic payments such as credit cards and mobile payments. Yes Yes No Not Given Not given Not given Not given
Cardivation Cardivation offers digital receipts to customers plus insights to merchants. No Yes Yes Not Given Yes Yes Yes
Slyp Slyp’s proprietary retail technology enables an interactive and intuitive smart receipt to be automatically delivered to a customer’s banking app post-purchase, without collecting customer data at point-of-sale. No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Receet A mobile app platform that enhances the shopping experience through digital receipts. Receet uses NFC and BLE technologies to send a digital receipt to consumers. No email address or phone number required. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


In January 2019, a California assemblyman introduced a proposed bill that would prohibit businesses from issuing customers paper receipts unless they explicitly request one.[2]

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