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Elektronorgtechnica (also spelled Electronorgtechnica, Russian: Электроноргтехника), better known abbreviated as ELORG, is the former Soviet state owned organization on export and import of computer hardware and software. It was controlled by the Ministry of Foreign Trade.[1] ELORG was responsible for the licensing and development of the popular video game Tetris.[2] As the game was owned by the state (Tetris was written by salaried programmers at the Soviet Academy of Sciences), all rights to the game worldwide were handled by ELORG.[3]

Image of one of the original Tetris game covers.

The company was also associated with the export of Soviet design calculators, Electronika being one brand that was exported, rebranding them as ELORG products.[4]

ELORG is now reportedly a privatised Russian company which has retained the rights to the "Tetris" trademark.[5][6] ELORG was a partner in The Tetris Company which licences the Tetris name to game companies, along with Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov and businessman Henk Rogers. The Tetris Company has since acquired full control over the Tetris mark.[7]

Tetris has evolved into one of the most timeless video games of the century. It can be played on nearly every video game console and computer operating system. Its legacy spans beyond the scope of its time, era, and graphics- the unique puzzle-like nature of the game has allowed it to stand the test of time and generations alike as it is a game of the ages still being reproduced for modern systems. Tetris, itself, was developed by a Russian computer engineer named Alexey Pajitnov in June 1984 during his employment at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The name Tetris was derived from the words "tetromino" and "tennis." As for the Russians in later years, no one made big money from Tetris except for the Soviet government. As the USSR broke up, the people at ELORG and the Academy scattered across the country.


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