Elements of Destruction

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Elements of Destruction Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Frozen Codebase (XBLA/PC)
Black Lantern Studios (DS)
Publisher(s) THQ (Formerly)
Nintendo (Current later 2016 for 3DS)
Platform(s) Windows, Xbox 360 (XBLA), Nintendo DS
Release DS
  • NA: December 19, 2007
  • NA: July 1, 2008
Genre(s) Strategy game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Elements of Destruction is a video game developed by Frozen Codebase for the PC and Nintendo DS and was released on Xbox Live Arcade on June 18, 2008.[1]

DS Version[edit]

The storyline begins with you, a recently fired news station meteorologist arguing with your former boss about getting fired for predicting bad weather all the time. You swear to get revenge on her, your replacement, and all of the town with your new invention, a weather changing device. The game takes place in the town with an aerial view. You can summon storms such as Tornadoes, Lightning Storms, Hail, Meteors, and Earthquakes. You tap the tab on the side of your screen with your stylus to reveal the types of storms you can summon. Tap the storm and you need to slide your stylus in the direction you want the storm to go. To change the direction of your storm again put your stylus on the storm and slide it in another direction. Every day for six weeks on the game you will need to do another task with your device. The first day of the week you cause a certain amount of damage. The second day you need to destroy certain buildings to advance another day. After three weeks you are arrested by General Bradley Steele.

Xbox 360 Version[edit]

Goal: Cause as much damage as possible with earthquakes, tornadoes or lightning to get a bronze, silver or gold medal. Medals give you research points, which you use to research elements and make them stronger; so you can do more damage and get better medals. The stages are, from first to last, Sunny Day Farm, Hysteria Lane, The Park, H.Y.D.E.E.(boss), Mountain Village, Research Facility, W.U.L.F.E.(boss), Tropics Port and Downtown.

Elements of Destruction gameplay screenshot.

Critical reception[edit]

Elements of Destruction received a 7.9/10 rating from IGN, and a 7.8/10 rating from TeamXbox.


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