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Elisabeth Böhm with her husband Gottfried in 2009

Elisabeth Böhm née Haggenmüller (18 June 1921, in Mindelheim – 6 September 2012[1]) was a German architect. Frequently working together with her husband, Gottfried Böhm, she has participated in the design of numerous projects, especially their interiors.


Elisabeth Böhm studied architecture at the Technical University Munich where she met Gottfried Böhm whom she married in 1948. Her husband took over the family architecture business in Cologne from his father Dominikus Böhm who died in 1955. Initially, Elisabeth spent most of her time at home raising their four children, only spending short periods at the office. She later returned to more intensive work, developing plans for housing projects and housing estates.[2] Of particular note are her interior designs for the castle of Godesburg, near Bonn (1959), the town hall of Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach (1969) and for the modern additions to Kauzenburg Castle near Bad Kreuznach in the early 1970s. She was also behind the circular foyer designed in connection with the expansion of the Stuttgart Theatre in 1984.[3]

Elisabeth Böhm lived and worked in Cologne until her death.


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