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Elision is the omission of one or more sounds in a word or phrase. It is sometimes used to refer to the omission of information from a narrative.[1][2]

Elision may also refer to:

  • Elision (music), a concept in the analysis of 18th- and 19th-century Western music
  • ELISION Ensemble, a chamber ensemble specialising in contemporary classical music
  • Elision (French), refers to the suppression of a final unstressed vowel (usually [ə]) immediately before another word beginning with a vowel
  • Copy elision, a compiler optimization technique that eliminates unnecessary copying of objects.

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  1. ^ Ross Douthat (November 29, 2014). "The Retreat to Identity". The New York Times. Retrieved November 30, 2014. by the time the grand jury handed down its non-indictment the original narrative about Ferguson could only survive with “a degree of elision” and “adjustment.” 
  2. ^ John McWhorter (November 24, 2014). "Ferguson Is the Wrong Tragedy to Wake America Up". Time magazine. Retrieved November 30, 2014. It requires, as a rallying point, a degree of elision, adjustment.