Elizabeth Parke Firestone

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Elizabeth Parke Firestone
Born Elizabeth Parke
Died 1990
Spouse(s) Harvey S. Firestone Jr.

Elizabeth Parke Firestone (1897–1990) was the mother of Martha Firestone, who wed William Clay Ford Sr., grandson of Henry Ford.[1] She is the daughter of Guy James Parke and Gertrude Chambers, and daughter-in-law of Harvey Firestone. Between 1915 and 1975, she acquired extraordinary clothes which today are on display at the Benson Ford Research Center. Her grandson William Clay Ford Jr., is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ford Motor Company. He had previously served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Ford.

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  1. ^ "The Museum of Fine Arts Strikes Silver". Boston Globe. July 2, 1993. Elizabeth Parke Firestone amassed what some experts consider the greatest privately owned collection of French silver in the world, so great that ambassadors from the mighty Louvre used to come calling on her in her Newport, Rhode Island home, hoping to persuade her that in the fullness of time, the collection ought to return to la France. It didn't. The collection, more than 300 dazzling pieces, has instead come to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, where part of it is on ... In 1940 Elizabeth Firestone happened to visit a New York silver dealer, Robert Ensko, to buy a wedding present for Henry Ford II. When she later bought her ... 

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