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Genres Trip hop, downtempo, electro
Years active 2000-present
Labels Nettwerk[citation needed]
Website http://www.elsiane.com
Members Elsieanne Caplette, Stephane Sotto

Elsiane is a Canadian band composed of Elsieanne Caplette and Stephane Sotto.


Elsieanne grew up in Peru. She studied classical music and later learned to play the guitar. She became a singer in a group in Peru and then moved to Montreal in 1999. She met Stephane Sotto.

A self-taught musician, Stephane Sotto was born in Montreal. When Elsieanne and he met, they decided to form the band Elsiane whose name is formed from the first four letters of the first name of the singer and the last three letters of the musician's first name.

The two artists began their collaboration in 2000 and published their first album entitled Hybrid on May 1, 2007, an album mixing jazz, downtempo, rock, classical and electronic music.[citation needed]

The album will be released a little over a year later in the United States under the label Nettwerk.[citation needed]

On stage, Elsiane is composed of Jeff Feldman on bass and keyboards, and Philippe Look on guitar and keyboards as well.

During the summer of 2011, Elsiane announced the release of a second album. A few months later, the first single "Underhelped" accompanied by a clip was put online. The album Mechanics of Emotion was released on April 10, 2012.[citation needed]


  • Hybrid (2007 – Vega)
  • Mechanics of Emotion (2012 – Labratoryband Inc.)
  • Death of the Artist (2017 – Self released)


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