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Rich Shapero

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Rich Shapero (born 1948) is an American venture capitalist,[1] self-published writer, and musician.


Shapero grew up in Los Angeles and attended UC Berkeley where he graduated in 1970 with a degree in English literature.[2] He is a partner at the venture capital company Crosspoint[3] and a board member at AristaSoft[4] and New Edge Networks.[5]

Shapero's book Wild Animus appeared in 2004 using print-on-demand technology by his publishing company, Too Far.[6] Initially 50,000 copies were printed,[7] and copies of the book have been given away for promotional purposes.[2][8] Shapero has also published three CDs, The Ram, The Wolves and Animus (featuring a rhythm section consisting of Jim Keltner and James "Hutch" Hutchinson), which were used in free promotional distribution, both separately and in a boxed set with the book.[9][10] Promotion of Shapero's work in Australia included the use of a dance ensemble.[11]

Published in 2011, "Too Far", is Shapero’s second project combining fiction with music and fine art. The story follows the main characters, two children, through an adventure through the forest. The CD component, Dawn Remembers, features Maria Taylor (Azure Ray), Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes), Rob Powell, Marc Ribot, Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart/PJ Harvey).

On May 4, 2010, the distribution of boxes of Shapero's book at Yale University caused a false bomb alarm.[12]


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